Dollar Tree Yarn Bowl | $5 DIY


Okay, you caught me. I have been watching a ton of “Do it on a Dime” lately.

2019 is going to be my year. I am going to organize my life, save money, produce amazing content and patterns, be an awesome wife, an awesome friend, and an awesome mom… all while being the BEST ME!

I mean it.


Well, I’ll give it the ol’ college try anyway.

But, on to the reason you’re here…

While I was at the Dollar Tree being my best me, I became insanely inspired by all of the storage options they have. I really wanted do a fun DIY for you guys but since I am getting ready to move, I needed this to be something small, quick and useful. Rest assured; more DIYs are on the way once I get settled into our new home.

I do not own a yarn bowl, not because I don’t want one. Trust me, I do. I just do not like the price tag for any that I have found. I knew that this would be a great opportunity to make myself one for a fraction of the cost and provide some great content for my favorite community. So, let’s get down to it.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Everything you see in this photo is from the Dollar Tree.

-Plastic bowl

-Bag of pebbles

-Sanding sponge

-Glass candle stick holder (Optional)

-Jute twine (not pictured here but I will show it later)

Note: There is a lace ribbon in the photo that I chose not to use.

Materials from home:


-A drill. If you do not have a drill at home feel free to use the binder clip method.
-Glue. Any industrial glue will work fine. The Dollar Tree has some. I’ve heard it works great. I also ended up using my hot glue gun.
-An old can of spray paint. (optional)

Step 1

Drill a Hole.

Skip this step if you aren’t using this as a yarn bowl or if you’re using the binder clip method. For this method, put a cute binder clip on the top of the bowl with the handles facing upwards. Feed your yarn through the handles. Binder clips can be found at the Dollar Tree as well.

Step 2

Sand the hole.

Using your Dollar Tree sanding sponge, sand the hole so that there are no sharp edges.


Step 3

Spray Paint.

Don’t have spray paint? Don’t worry about it! This bowl is going to look amazing with or without it.

Be sure to wipe down all pieces before painting.

Working in a well ventilated area, spray paint the candle stick holder and the inside of the bowl. I did this in a large cardboard box outside. Allow to dry. I only did one coat. It isn’t perfect but that doesn’t bother me at all.

Add as many coats as you like to get the coverage you like.


Photographed is the Jute Twine I mentioned earlier. This was found at the Dollar Tree in the gardening area.

Step 4

Add the twine around the top of the bowl.

I ended up using hot glue in this step because the dry time is so much quicker.

Put a dot of hot glue on the top-back of the bowl to secure the twine to the bowl. Apply a thin line of glue all around the tip of the bowl and wrap with the twine. After this round you will only need to add glue here-and-there until the last round.

I worked the twine until I got to my drilled hole. This ended up being about 1.5 inches.

For the last round, apply a thin strip of glue all around the bowl and wrap with twine. Cut the twine.

Step 5

Add your pebbles

Again, I opted to use my hot glue for this section.

Note: If pebbles aren’t your thing, the Dollar Tree had a few different kinds of marble halves that could be used and would look amazing!

For this, you have to use your judgement. Be careful not to cover your drilled hole.

Tips: Try to fit the pebbles together like a puzzle. Cover as much of the bowl as you can. Slightly cover the wrapped twine with the pebbles.

You could stop here and have a beautiful yarn/display bowl for only $4.

..but I’m extra and had to put mine on a pedestal.

Step 6

Put a generous amount of industrial glue on the candle stick and center it on the bottom of the bowl. Place something heavy on top and allow to dry overnight.


Step 6

Enjoy your beautiful, expensive-looking (but secretly cheap!) yarn bowl.

Keep in mind: this doesn’t have to be used as a yarn bowl. Use it for storing or displaying anything your heart desires.


That’s it, guys. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Tell me what you are going to use your bowl for!

If you’d like to see me make more affordable DIYs please comment below and let me know.

Until next time,


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