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The Piper ParaShawl | Premium Crochet


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Hey there Piper.

As a designer, I spend a lot of time researching stitches, garments, fashion trends, colors, etc. With this design, I didn’t have to do any of that! In a sense, this piece chose me!

On Mondays, I meet with a wonderful group of girls for a Crochet/Knit date. When my friend Torey came in a few weeks ago, I could not stop staring at the beautifully draped shawl around her neck! I immediately asked about it. I HAD to see it up close. She, being a fiber lover like myself, even let me squish it in my hands.

I needed it!

..and of course, her’s was knit.

Story of my life!

I searched the internet far and wide for something/anything similar in the crochet world and when I came up short, I went on a mission to design one. I wanted every crochet artist in the world to have this amazingness around their neck or on their shoulders.

The yarn was a no-brainer for me! Dreamers plied yarn is an amazing fingering weight yarn. It’s my go-to for lightweight designs. So with that, I put hook-to-yarn..

Alas, The Piper ParaShawl was born!



And just look at that drape!

Can you do this in heavier yarns? Sure! Go for it! In fact, I had a couple testers play around with some Lion Brand Mandala and they came out beautifully; but I have to say, there is something about the weight and the squish that is so phenomenal in a Fingering weight. So, don’t fear the light weight yarns. This is a simple/mindless/binge-worthy repeat and it is so worth it!!

This is the first in a series of ParaShawls!! I am obsessed. I hope you guys love it too!


Let me know your thoughts!!!

Until next time,

Kayla N.


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The Dreamer’s Shawl | April, 2018 Crochet Along

Anyone who crochets or knits knows that, aside from a great design, the yarn we use is the most important aspect of our craft. If it happens to come in the form of beautiful, hand dyed or hand plied yarn…well, that’s a huge treat! Meet Odessa, owner of Dreamers Yarn and inspiration for our next CAL.



Odessa made this piece using “pink fever.”  It is two dreamer’s shawls sewn together.  Instructions are included in the pattern.



Odessa has been creating and selling stunning yarn since May of 2016.  Originally from the Philippines, Odessa has lived in Connecticut for the past six years. It was her friends from the Philippines who introduced her to the idea of winding her own yarn. The thread that she uses is leftover from thread used to knit collars for men’s shirts. Odessa takes these leftovers, which come to her in all different colors, chooses a color scheme and winds them together to make her fingering yarn. Her cakes take about 3-5 minutes each to wind, but their beauty lasts a lifetime.

Perusing her products, you will see that she has a vast variety of colorways; from the magical “Delightful Unicorn” to the deep, dark “Midnight Dungeon.” It was Odessa’s “Pink Fever” that was used to design KMT Creations’ newest pattern, “The Dreamer’s Shawl.” So, where does Odessa get her ideas for these gorgeous color combos? Her customers—or, as she fondly refers to them–her friends.  In her words, “I feel like they are part of my life. Without them, there is no Dreamer’s Yarn.” It’s clear how much Odessa values her customers’ opinions. In one Facebook post, she presents a lovely pink and green cake and asks, “With sparkle or no???” The comments that follow are divided. Most like the idea of sparkles, but the vote is not unanimous.  So, Odessa simply decides “With and without wins!”  You can’t please everyone all the time…except maybe when you’re creating Dreamers Yarn.




If you would like to become one of Odessa’s valued customers, or perhaps just take a look at her yarn, you can visit her on Facebook or check out her Etsy page.  (See links below!)  To thank you for your interest, she would like to offer a 25% discount off of her yarn.  Use the code DREAMCAL between now and April 14 to get your discount.  And, guess what!  This deal gets even better.  In celebration of the upcoming CAL, KMT Creations is offering a 50% discount on the brand new, beautiful Dreamer’s Shawl pattern! Just use the same code—DREAMCAL—for that deal as well.  Scoop up your yarn, scoop up your pattern, head on over to our community and crochet along!


Psst…here are all of the important details!


Dreamer’s Yarn etsy page:
Dreamer’s Yarn facebook page:

Crochet Along Details


Find the Pattern for the Dreamer’s Shawl with instructions to make this dress:


Get 50% off of the pattern by using code “DREAMCAL” on Ravelry
Kayla’s Community Page (join us here for April’s CAL!) :

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